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The history of the spring cradle

The Spring cradle could be a great modern invention. This practical must-have for all parents is by no means a new invention. Originally from the Asian region, the conquered Spring cradle slowly the whole world. 

Various primitive peoples also used a kind of forerunner of the modern ones Spring cradle. They tied their offspring in a hammock or a cloth to the branches of the surrounding trees. The gentle movement in the wind and the rocking up and down on the flexible branches are somewhat reminiscent of the movements that the child already knows from the womb. That's how it continues to this day restlessness in babies around the world.

Babies have been lulled to sleep in a very natural way for many centuries. The tying up of infants among indigenous peoples, some of whom still use this technique today, also has another advantage. The baby is protected from wild animals and can be undisturbed After sleep enjoy. 

There are no wild animals in our modern households, but there are automatically rocking the Spring cradle supports the Baby sleep in a natural way. A Baby has trouble restingif it doesn't feel safe and protected. The Spring cradle does a great job Sleep aid and draws on the experiences of many generations. That's how she finds it too Mom sleep, which she so desperately needed and deserved. That together Falling asleep with the baby According to an old Southeast Asian tradition, the whole family relaxes. 

So we can count ourselves lucky that the people before us have already found solutions that even work for one Cry baby can provide a remedy.

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