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Recovery and regression in the postpartum period

We recommend that you think about the postpartum period before the birth. As soon as you hold your baby in your arms, you are completely enchanted. There is hardly any thought left for organizational matters. However, recovery and recovery during the postpartum period are important topics that concern you immediately after the birth. Together with your baby you have to find your way around your new everyday life, the sleep-wake rhythm is completely turned upside down. Your child will slowly get used to the world, but of course it takes time.
It helps a lot to organize a few things beforehand.

Organization of the postpartum period

If you can, get someone to support you. You can best enjoy your time when you don't have to cook or shop. Also, try to sleep yourself when your baby sleeps.

Nutrition during the postpartum period

Even if your world revolves around your baby during this time, you should try to take care of yourself. Don't go on a diet, the pounds will disappear on their own. The weight of the placenta, amniotic fluid and baby disappear, as does water retention. Breastfeeding also burns calories. A healthy diet after birth helps enormously to provide you with the energy you need. Healthy and fortifying but light meals are best. Strengthening broth is just as good and healthy as vegetables and healthy carbohydrates. Nuts are true superheroes when it comes to nutrients and healthy fats.

Maybe you can also develop the first rituals with your baby that you will keep when the postpartum period is over. Use the time to physically feel your baby and be very close to him. Skin-to-skin contact strengthens the bond and makes you indescribably happy.

How many visits makes sense?

Beforehand, think about how many visitors you would like to receive during this time, who will take care of the practical things of everyday life and how you would like to communicate with others during this time. This may seem banal, but it can have a positive effect on your stress level.

You can prepare those around you for these weeks as well as yourself. Is there someone who can bring you food when you visit? Does your partner have the desire and time to cook and take care of the household in the first few weeks after the birth? Or do you need help? Can you freeze or pre-cook food for this time? Who takes care of the diaper replenishment? Is there an online diaper subscription you can use? When well organized, the postpartum bed is particularly enjoyable.

The physical changes during the postpartum period

Your body is working enough during this time. During the puerperium, the uterus recedes. Meanwhile, milk production is in full swing. Hormones are the invisible companions that are responsible for the physical changes, and they are also the ones that cause the emotional ups and downs. Your body is equally busy with all the changes, recovery and regression during the postpartum period. Any mood swings that occur are completely normal. The uterus has grown during pregnancy and has the volume of a medicine ball at the time of birth. After the birth, the muscles contract again, so you may experience after-pains. It will return to its normal size within approximately six weeks.

Wound healing in the postpartum period

After birth, the placenta separates and leaves a wound that needs to heal. The postpartum bed is a good place for wound healing. Bleeding can be heavy in the first few days after birth. The so-called weekly flow usually stops after five to six weeks and changes color: it becomes lighter and lighter until it disappears completely. Our tip: Avoid tampons and ensure optimal cleanliness with lukewarm water and regular rinsing and washing your hands. Every body reacts differently to birth, just be prepared that you have to give it time to regenerate. Injuries can occur during birth. Perineal tears, episiotomy or a cesarean section are possible, but bruising in the tissue is also not uncommon. Cooling compresses and pads with herbal ointments can help. So it's not just about recovery and recovery during the postpartum period, injuries also have to heal.

All of this, and much else, is completely normal. and If you are unsure or unhappy, talk to your doctor and midwife. These two are there for you and will advise you on all questions and emotional situations.

The postpartum period forms strong characters

So you see, the postpartum bed combines the best of both worlds:
It becomes your refuge in which you can relax and adapt to your new one used to life. Meanwhile, your body works tirelessly. At the same time, something magical happens: the bond with your baby sprouts unnoticed and grows with each passing day until a strong bond is formed. A secure attachment is like a protective cloak that covers your child throughout their entire development. This protection will equip your child to cope with stress and develop healthy self-confidence. Attachment is the cornerstone of creativity, adaptability and perseverance. The ability to empathize and strong social behavior also emerge through the education of the first weeks and months. Fascinating, right?

If you would like to read more about this topic, stay with us and check out the blog regularly.
We deal in detail with the postpartum period and all other topics that concern us around birth. 

See you soon!

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