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Guide to buying a hammock

Whether at home or when traveling, the spring cradle becomes a loyal companion. It makes your life with a baby a lot easier. Of course, we make them primarily for the children, but buying a spring cradle miraculously brings relaxation and serenity to the whole family.

When your baby dreams in its cradle, time stands still for a moment. Your baby will fall asleep in no time and will feel safe and secure. Even most crying babies find peace quickly in spring cradles.

Now the moment has come that you have all to yourself. Use the time and get an extra portion of peace and relaxation, just like your child in the crib. Because let's not kid ourselves: in the first few months, our babies' rhythm determines our days and nights.

What makes the spring cradle so special?

The spring cradle rocks your baby to sleep as gently as if he or she were still in your arms. The cozy tightness even reminds it of the warmth and security in the womb before birth. Your baby feels safe and secure in his or her spring cradle, so he or she can find peace incredibly quickly. In other cultures, people also appreciated the principle of the spring cradle long before we even knew about it.

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 In our fast-paced world, you can give your baby an ideal retreat with a spring cradle. Here your offspring can recharge their batteries so that they can start the next awake phase full of the spirit of discovery and explore the world at your side.

The variety on offer can be overwhelming, and that's why we've put together a guide for you to buy a spring bassinet. Find out what you should pay attention to and find the hammock that is right for you.

Our guide to buying a spring bassinet:

Choose a breathable bassinet mattress

A breathable mattress helps regulate your child's temperature in their sleeping environment. Good air circulation ensures an ideal sleeping environment. This makes sleep particularly healthy and restful. The mattress and mattress cover should also meet high quality standards. So make sure that the European standards are met here too: Is the mattress certified? Is the mattress cover free of harmful substances, natural and certified?

Slipping of the spring cradle

The spring cradle should under no circumstances slip to the side, so it is important that you pay attention to how the manufacturer solves this safety aspect when purchasing.

How can you tell before you buy?

The ring of the spring cradle must be attached. If the ring of the hammock is not sewn or otherwise secured, the hammock can slip sideways.

The material is important when buying a hammock

We recommend: 100% organic cotton. Organic fabrics are free of harmful substances, untreated and the best choice for a healthy sleeping place. Choose a fabric you like, making sure it meets an ecological standard. Your baby lies with their skin directly on the fabric; it should be cuddly soft and absolutely natural.

The design

Choose a design that you like and that harmonizes with your interior if that is important to you. Spring cradles are furnishings and can be real designer pieces. You'll be using them every day for the next few months. If you like the design, feel free to use them. Choose one that suits you and your baby.

A spring cradle made in Europe

Fortunately, the range of hammocks that are produced in Europe under fair and controllable working conditions is becoming ever larger. By choosing responsible manufacturing, you are also choosing to support local craftsmanship. These little things make a big difference worldwide: We support work in a mentally and physically healthy environment, focus on sustainability and reduce emissions through short supply chains. Every gesture counts.

The most important thing is that your baby is well. If they sleep safely and peacefully, the world becomes a better place for babies with every swing.

Hopefully we could help you a little. Take your time when making the decision, after all, the spring crib will accompany you every day for the next few months. Take your time and choose the one you like best.

Do you have any questions?

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us at any time. We will advise you without obligation. Do you need advice or do you have doubts? Let's talk, then things will often become easier and clearer.

Feel free to take a look around our hammocks and get an impression:

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