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Guide to buying a cradle motor

The triumph of electric swing chairs really seems unstoppable. As we all know, a spring bassinet is great in itself, babies simply love them. But with an electric motor you can take your baby's sleep in the bassinet to a whole other level. 
We have put together a guide for you to buy a spring cradle motor here. 

The added value of a spring cradle motor

It is astonishing how much added value there is in this small device. The spring cradle motor changes your life with your baby. That may sound a bit pompous, even a little bit pathetic, and we didn't believe it ourselves at the beginning.

But there is actually a huge difference whether a cradle motor rocks your child in his cradle or whether you are the motor yourself. The valuable time you gain when your baby has calmed down and you can take care of yourself is invaluable. Especially in this stressful phase of the first few months after birth, every moment you have for yourself counts. Because of course it is an indescribable, huge, wonderful enrichment of life when the little person comes into your life. But it also turns your life completely upside down, and so a few relaxing moments are simply important.

A spring cradle motor gives you these moments!


Guide to buying a cradle motor 

So here it is, your guide to buying a bassinet motor. What should you pay attention to when buying a spring cradle motor?

The design of the cradle motor

The appearance of the engine plays a big role. It will become part of your furnishings as part of the motorized swing chairs. You have a huge selection on the market, there are motors in a wide variety of shapes and sizes. You will only be convinced if you like a product. Don't be confused by the countless design awards that technical products like to present. The awards say nothing about your personal taste and, above all, nothing about whether the product suits you and your home.  

The number of feathers

There are hammocks that are suspended from a single strong tension spring, and there are those that are suspended from several smaller springs. Since all spring cradles are tested for safety, there is no demonstrable difference in safety between the two versions. Both spring cradle designs are safe. A single spring has the advantage that it is strong enough to carry the child. The spring wire is therefore extremely resilient. If several springs are used, a single spring is not strong enough to carry the child alone.

The safety ropes are usually also thinner and less resilient. As the child grows and becomes heavier, it is your job to adapt the number of springs to the child's weight. You may need to upgrade from 3 to 5 and to 7 springs. With a system with a single carefully chosen spring, this task is eliminated and you don't have to worry about hanging your bassinet.  

The noise of the engine

Pay attention to the information about the volume of the engine. Every manufacturer claims to have the quietest motor on the market. Don't let these statements unsettle you; it's best to ask for a measurable size. The unit of measurement for volume, decibels (dB), gives you precise information about the noise level of the engine. 30 dB is as quiet as a whisper or a wristwatch. An important factor when buying a spring cradle motor! 

Important functions of the spring cradle motor

The spring cradle motor comes with important functions. The vibration is either freely adjustable or preset. Modern motors with top technology do not have a preset oscillation via a rotary knob or app. The new standard is called: Intelligent, self-learning motor that takes over the specified vibration and continues it. With this intuitively operated motor, you set your own vibration and the motor adopts exactly the same rhythm. This is a very important criterion when buying a spring cradle motor!

The timer functionof the spring cradle motor

Spring cradle motors usually have a timer function. Make sure it meets your expectations. The timer function allows the weighing of the weighing motor to be set for one or two hours or for an unlimited time.

Safety stop

When comparing spring cot motors, pay attention to the safety functions. For your baby's safety, a bassinet motor should have an automatic stop function. In the event of the slightest irregularity, the engine automatically switches off using this function. If a sibling pulls on the cradle or the vibration becomes irregular, the function takes effect immediately. This means your baby stays safe and secure in the bassinet, even if you can't keep an eye on him every second. Think carefully when purchasing a spring cradle motor.

Which vibration intervals does the spring cradle motor represent?

You know your baby best and know exactly which rhythm he or she loves most. Pay attention to the setting options for the oscillation intervals. Some children like very small and subtle vibrations. Not all manufacturers offer engines that can accommodate these small nuances.

The weight of your baby and the bassinet motor

You often ask us how long you can use the swing chair sensibly.

An important criterion for finding the right spring cradle motor is the manufacturer's weight information. Is the spring cradle motor suitable for a weight of 3 kg or more? Or does the use only start at a higher weight? The maximum upper limit for the use of the spring cradle and the motor are not that important. Due to their design for maximum safety, the motors are many times more resilient than the manufacturer's information suggests. However, in most cases this load limit is never used. A child can and may sleep in the bassinet until it turns over on its own. This point usually occurs well before the baby has reached the weight that manufacturers specify as the upper limit. A boy at 8 months weighs on average around 8,600 g, a girl at that age weighs around 7,900 g. Children aged 8 months can almost all turn around independently.

 If you would like to delve even deeper into the topic, read our article “Baby size and baby weight”. Click here to go directly to the article:

Baby size and baby weight


Only the best quality when purchasing a spring cradle motor

A cradle motor that you enjoy and that you use every day should be of high quality. You need a reliable, powerful engine. It should be low-maintenance and long-lasting. During the exciting first few months with your baby, you don't need a motor that constantly breaks down or needs to be repaired. Feel free to read the reviews from other buyers. Reliability and quality are frequently mentioned criteria within product reviews.  

An engine “Made in Germany”

A spring cradle motor is not exactly cheap. Make sure you get good value for money so that you only get the best quality for your money. Unfortunately, more and more providers are entering the market offering low-quality products that often do not even meet safety standards. When buying a spring cradle motor, it is better to ask where the individual parts come from. The “Made in Germany” seal guarantees you high-quality materials and tested functions. A spring cradle motor should comply with German or European safety standards and provide evidence of these safety standards in the product description. In Germany, these standards are exemplary and must be adhered to and proven during the development of the products. 

Hopefully we were able to help you a little and shed some light on what can be important when buying a spring cradle motor. If you have any questions about this topic, please contact us at any time, we will be happy to help you. Non-binding and with full conviction.

The most important thing is that your baby sleeps safely and peacefully. If we can help ensure that babies sleep happily and that you have a wonderful time together, then we have already gained a lot. 

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