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Moro reflex – Why exercise is important for your baby now

Your baby is finally sleeping and you try to put him down. But as soon as you put him on his back, he flinches and is suddenly woken up? Does your sleeping child suddenly jump and become wide awake at night? The reason for this may be an early childhood reflex, the so-called Moro reflex.

What is the Moro reflex?

The Moro reflex is one of the early childhood reflexes that is triggered in newborns. With this involuntary reflex, children spread e.g. B. when lying down quickly on your back or when startled, you suddenly extend your arms, spread your fingers and open your mouth. Then they pull their arms and hands together again and make a fist.

Even at birth, the Moro reflex is important for a child's survival, as it enables the baby to take its first breath and helps open the trachea if the baby is in danger of suffocating. Even when a child is stimulated by sudden movements or noises, he spreads his arms and legs and then contracts them again. This behavior is intended to protect the child by finding their balance again.

However, this reflex is not always helpful and can cause your baby to be restless or stressed. This can lead to problems, especially when falling asleep, as the child repeatedly wakes itself from sleep due to the Moro reflex.

Movement and tightness against the Moro reflex

Movement and tightness can help calm the Moro reflex in your newborn as they mimic similar sensations to those in the womb. During pregnancy, the baby in the mother's body was surrounded by the uterus, which gave him a certain tightness and confinement. The baby was also constantly in motion as the mother moved and the movements were passed on to the baby.

After birth, it suddenly lacks confinement and boundaries and has to adapt to its new environment. The Moro reflex is a natural response to sudden changes or stimuli that commonly occurs in newborns. When the baby shows the reflex, he or she often feels insecure and anxious.

By using bassinets , parents can provide the baby with similar confinement and confinement as they experienced in the womb. The gentle movement of the cradle mimics the movements in the womb. This will help your child adapt better to their environment and learn to control their reactions. It becomes calmer and more relaxed and can fall asleep more easily.

The Moro reflex is natural and disappears on its own

It is important to emphasize that the Moro reflex is a natural and important part of your baby's physical development. It should not be suppressed, but supported through exercise and playful activities. The neonatal reflex occurs in the first months of life and usually disappears over the course of the first year of life as the baby's nervous system and senses continue to develop and the ability to self-regulate increases. Overall, it can be said that exercise is very important for newborns and that spring cradles offer a wonderful opportunity to integrate this exercise into everyday life and to support the child in a playful way.

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