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How useful are baby cradles? And what differences are there?

Baby bed or cradle? Rocker or baby swing? Or maybe a bassinet? When having a baby there are so many things to buy and decide on. One of the important decisions concerns the baby's sleeping situation. Many parents choose a baby cradle to let their child sleep gently and safely. But there are so many different types of baby cradles – how should you decide? In this article we would like to give you an overview of the different forms of baby cradles and introduce you to a special type of cradle: the spring cradle.

The classic cradle

The classic cradle is probably the most well-known type of baby cradle. It consists of a small bed suspended on a frame. The cradle is rocked by hand or by slight movements of the child. Most cribs have a firm mattress and can easily be placed in any room. The cradles are usually wood-colored or white. There are also cradles that are specifically made for travel. A special form of the classic cradle is the bassinet.

The bassinet

The bassinet is a kind of portable bed for babies and can be placed in the living room, bedroom or other rooms. In contrast to a normal baby bed, it is often slightly smaller and has a solid border that protects the baby from falling out. A bassinet may also come with wheels to make it easier to move. A mattress is usually placed in the bassinet to provide the baby with a comfortable surface to lie on. Another advantage of the bassinet is that it is often removable. When the baby is sleeping, he can simply be placed in the bassinet and moved to another room if necessary without waking him up.

The baby bouncer

The baby bouncer is another type of baby cradle that is often found to be practical and easy to use. A baby bouncer is usually small and handy and can be easily transported from one room to another. Most baby bouncers have soft padding that conforms to the baby's body and a bracket to secure the baby. The seesaw is often electrically operated and can be adjusted using a remote control to adjust the rocking. Most baby bouncers also have a vibration function, which can help the baby fall asleep faster. However, rockers are usually not suitable for sleeping for longer periods of time.

The baby swing

A baby swing is similar to a baby bouncer, but is often larger and more robust. While a seesaw rocks up and down, a swing is designed for the child to move forwards and backwards (sometimes back and forth). The rocking movements are often stronger than with a baby bouncer and can last longer. Many baby swings also have different settings to adjust the rocking and can also operate automatically. Most baby swings are ceiling mounted and have a bracket to secure the baby and soft padding for added comfort. Some swings are only suitable for sitting and activity and not for sleeping.

The cradle

The spring cradle is a special type of baby cradle that is becoming increasingly popular. It combines many of the advantages of a baby swing and a rocker. Since there are now a large number of spring cradles available, we present our Lottili hammock and show how it differs from other types of cradles.

In contrast to the classic baby cradles mentioned above, the spring cradle is not a free-standing cradle, but hangs on a hook on a special beech wood frame . Thanks to the frame, the hammock can be used flexibly in all rooms of the house - even outside if it is dry.

The spring cradle is made from an organic cotton cloth that gently encloses and supports the baby. It is also equipped with a removable mattress. The mattress was specially developed for the spring crib. The mattress cover is removable and washable. Thanks to its ergonomic shape, the spring cradle is suitable even for newborns from 3 kg and for longer periods of sleep and use.

The spring cradle is set in rocking motion by a spring. The advantage of the spring cradle is that the baby is not just rocked back and forth or to the side, like with the baby swing. Like a seesaw, this type of cradle moves from bottom to top. This three-dimensional rocking and rocking is particularly close to the movement in the womb.

Lottili's spring cots will beelectrically operated. This can be particularly helpful in keeping the baby calm and giving him the feeling of being in his mother's arms. The electric motor is infinitely adjustable and self-learning, so that mom and dad can individually specify the best movement. It is also extremely quiet and the white design means it fits well into any room.

Many parents report that their baby falls asleep quicker and sleeps longer in the bassinet than in a traditional baby bed. The cradle can also help place the baby in a comfortable sleeping position that reduces tension and colic.


In summary, there are many different types of baby bassinets and bouncers on the market, each offering different benefits. There are simple models such as bassinets or baby cradles that require manual rocking, as well as electric models that rock the baby automatically. There are also models equipped with a remote control or adjustable speed.

A popular form of baby cradle is the spring cradle, which is particularly soothing for babies due to its gentle rocking movements. The cradle is usually suspended on a spring so that it moves smoothly and evenly. Spring cradles remind babies of being rocked in the womb and can help them sleep faster and longer. Thanks to its shape and the electrically controlled natural movement, the spring cradle is a good place for a restful sleep even for the little ones. 

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