LOTTILI - the first spring bassinet available in Germany with a self-learning rhythm - for a sleeping environment that is as unique as your baby.

Safe and secure like in the womb

Here, in this cocoon-like nest made of soft fabrics and delicate cords, the baby finds comfort and warmth. The rocking motion, so gentle and consistent, is reminiscent of the caressing embrace of the womb. In the cradle the child floats between two worlds, between the security of the known and curiosity about the unknown.

  • The gentle rocking movements in the cradle remind the baby of the security and safety it experienced in the womb.

  • The slightly elevated position in the bassinet can make baby's breathing easier and help reduce respiratory problems.

  • The spring cradle offers the baby a safe and comfortable environment in which he or she feels comfortable and can develop freely.

Gentle vibrations like in your stomach

The delicate vibrations of the cradle are like a lively heartbeat that lulls the baby into a peaceful sleep. They carry the child on a journey back to the time when he was still closely connected to his mother and felt her movements. In the crib it finds this familiar rhythm again, and the fears and worries of the day fade into the warm glow of an emotional embrace.

  • The rhythmic movements of the swing hammock have a calming effect on the baby's nervous system and help to relax it.

  • The movements in the spring cradle promote the development of the baby's sense of balance and motor skills.

Good for your newborn

The hammock is more than just a piece of furniture; it is a bridge between two worlds, a place of comfort and closeness. She reminds us how important it is to protect the child within us and to always return to the protective arms of love. Because in the cradle, in this embrace of memory, we find peace and the certainty that we are never alone.

Calming effect:
The gentle rocking movements of the hammock have a calming effect on the baby and can help reduce stress, which has a positive effect on overall health.

Improved sleep quality:
Babies who lie in a bassinet tend to have longer and deeper sleep periods, which is essential for their growth and development.

Colic relief:
The rocking movements can reduce flatulence and colic, increasing the baby's comfort and minimizing unpleasant pain.

Development of the sense of balance:
The movements in the cradle promote the development of the baby's sense of balance and motor skills, which is important for his physical development.

More serenity for the whole family

However, the advantages of the spring bassinet are not just limited to your child's sleep. It also gives you and your family valuable time back. The flexibility it offers allows you to meet your baby's needs while still finding time for other tasks and activities. Whether you stay at home or travel, the spring cot will become your faithful companion, bringing peace and serenity to your everyday life.

Overall, the spring bassinet ensures a win-win situation: a happy, rested baby and a relaxed, well-rested family. It combines security, flexibility and restful sleep in a practical package that makes life more pleasant for everyone involved.

  • Parents have the opportunity to do other tasks while the baby rests in the bassinet, making everyday life easier.

  • The closeness and security in the hammock promote a strong emotional bond between parents and child.

  • If the baby sleeps better in the bassinet, the parents can also get more rest and sleep.

With Lottili you can say hello to sleep

The Lottili spring cradle is the solution to your baby's sleepless nights and sleep problems. It enables longer periods of sleep and improves your baby's mood. Whether it's a crying baby, colic or the first teeth, Lottili helps calm the baby and ensure a restful sleep for both. In addition, it offers relief from everyday stress by making it possible to put the baby down safely while you gather new strength and your baby sleeps relaxed.

Discover what makes our product so extraordinary

Silent engine

  • Silent motor guarantees undisturbed baby sleep
  • Safety function switches off the engine within seconds in the event of the slightest irregularities
  • Motor developed and produced by professionals in Germany

Safe spring

  • Particularly safe with extra strong spring wire
  • Quiet, finely adjustable vibration developed by experts
  • Safety rope made from climbing harness tape for absolute safety

Self-learning vibration

  • Unique, self-learning oscillation, infinitely adjustable
  • Rocks between 30-120 minutes with timer or 24 hours in continuous mode
  • Intelligent software learns even the smallest vibration nuances without errors

Sustainable wooden frame

  • Untreated wooden stands made from certified European beech wood
  • At just 4 kg, it is particularly light and easy to transport
  • Produced in Germany by master craftsmen as truly unique pieces

GOTS and OEKOTEX certified cradle

  • Timeless design and modern prints
  • GOTS and OEKOTEX certified fabrics made from the best organic quality
  • Safety feature holds the spring cradle securely in position and prevents it from slipping to the side
  • Produced fairly by a small family business in Portugal

Timeless design

  • Elegant, Scandinavian design with clear lines and a timeless look
  • Space-saving in a slim design
  • Harmonious interplay of classic elegance and modern patterns

Breathable mattress

  • GOTS and OEKOTEX certified fabrics made from the best organic quality
  • Breathable, ergonomic mattress for a healthy sleep
  • Highest quality and best working conditions guaranteed.

Discover what makes our product so extraordinary

Sustainability & quality certified!

Oekotex 100 Kennzeichnung für Lottili Federwiege GOTS Kennzeichnung für Lottili Federwiege CE Kennzeichnung Lottili Federwiegen Motor FSC Kennzeichnung für Lottili Holzgestell

We are proud to be awarded the following highly respected certifications: FSC, Öko Tex, CE and GOTS.

FSC (Forest Stewardship Council)
Our wood comes from sustainably managed forests and carries the FSC certificate. This means that we protect the environment and act responsibly.

All materials in our bassinet are free of harmful substances and safe for your baby. The Oeko-Tex label guarantees the highest standards of health and well-being.

CE marking
Our hammock complies with the strict safety requirements of the EU and bears the CE mark. You can be sure that it meets the highest security standards.

GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard)
We use organic and environmentally friendly materials certified according to GOTS guidelines. This not only protects your baby, but also the environment.

With our certified spring cradle, we not only offer you the highest quality, but also the certainty that we are committed to sustainability, safety and environmental protection. Trust us to provide your baby with a safe and comfortable place to sleep.

The only spring cradle in Germany with a self-learning rhythm as individual as your child.

We know that every baby is unique and has its own rhythm. That's exactly why we developed our hammock to automatically adapt to your child's needs. With gentle and soothing movements that you can adjust, you can adapt the movement to your baby's pace and give your little one the sleep they deserve.

You decide what your child's natural sleep rhythm should be and create a tailor-made, safe and comfortable environment. This means your baby can relax and fall asleep peacefully at their own pace while you enjoy precious moments of happiness and closeness.

Discover the magic of a rhythm that is completely tailored to your baby - because every child is unique and that's how their sleep should be.

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The classic set for rent

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The essential set

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"The cradle is an absolute game changer! It simply gives me back my life and saves me a few hours of physiotherapy. What's more, it's simply the most stylish on the market."


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"Pauli doesn't just love sleeping in his cradle. His little safe space."


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Foto von @abz.homestories

"Our triplets can no longer imagine life without it. We love the Lottili"