Born out of helplessness and despair

Our problem became a solution for everyone.

Lotteli Ständer der Wiege Lotteli Wiege

Founder Theresa Schabert

Theresa Gründerin von Lottili

The well-being of the child is my greatest motivation.

My heart beats for the well-being of our little ones. As a mother and founder, I put all my passion and dedication into the development of this unique spring cradle. It is the result of my deep belief that every child gets restful sleep. This hammock is more than just a product for me. It is a loving hug, a safe haven and the key to a peaceful sleep for our little ones. The biggest motivation in my life is the well-being of our children. I am proud to be able to share our bassinet with you in the hope that it will give your little one as much joy and security as it does for my own child.

Midwife Laetitia

The spring cradle is reminiscent of the environment in the womb

“As a midwife and osteopath, I worked closely with Lottili and was able to contribute my experience and expertise to the development of their products. The Lottili spring cradle is a wonderful solution to help babies fall asleep and enable them to sleep peacefully and securely.
They find it easier to fall asleep because they rock up and down constantly and evenly. This phenomenon can be explained very easily: When the child is still in the mother's stomach and she walks, the stomach naturally moves up and down a little. By swinging in the cradle, the baby remembers the time in the tummy and feels comfortable and secure in the cradle. In addition, the spring cradle offers a certain tightness to the right and left of the child, which is also reminiscent of the environment in the womb.”

Master wood turner Michl

Handcrafted from nature into your home

Our wooden frames are true works of art, made by Mr. Michl, a passionate wood turner with a strong focus on quality. Each frame is handmade, truly unique, created from sustainable and certified wood and with a modern, timeless design. Mr. Michl is a true expert in working with wood and worked with us to select the perfect combination of design and material. We are proud of our partnership and the exceptional quality of its handcrafted wooden stands, which make our products unique.

Technician Alexander

Alexander von Lottili

With innovative technology for a restful sleep

Our technician Alexander, husband of Theresa (our founder), is a true technology enthusiast and innovator. His passion is the continuous improvement of the product down to the smallest detail. That's exactly why our motor is characterized by its silence and is unique in learning your individual vibration preference.

Alexander is a passionate entrepreneur and has founded successful start-ups himself. His passion focuses on technology, quality and customer satisfaction, and he always works to integrate these factors into Lottili's digital solution.

With his expertise and commitment, Alexander makes a significant contribution to ensuring that our products are not only first-class in quality and safety, but also offer innovative features that enrich the lives of our customers.

Impressions from our community

Foto von @abz.homestories

"Finally more time for myself again. The baby simply sleeps faster and longer."


Foto von @niebomatki

"Sleep is very important for parents. With the Lottili spring cradle this is certainly given to us."


Foto von @liberta.haxhikadriu

"Our son immediately finds peace and security in it 🥹"


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"I wish we had had the bouncer with our first child. 💕"

Foto von @fannyhusten

"The cradle is an absolute game changer! It simply gives me back my life and saves me a few hours of physiotherapy. What's more, it's simply the most stylish on the market."