frequently asked Questions

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Everything about the order

When will my order be shipped?

If you order before 1 p.m. on weekdays, we will pack and ship yours
Order the same day.

How long is the delivery time?

The delivery time is 1 to 2 working days. If the delivery time differs for unforeseeable reasons, we will contact you as quickly as possible.

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Questions about the spring cradle

How loud is the swing motor?

The Lottili spring cradles motor is silent. The measurement showed one
so-called volume of 30 dB, which is as quiet as a wristwatch or a
very quiet room. 

Make one
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Why is the Lottili spring cradles motor so special?

We have developed a unique motor because it is the only self-learning hammock motor on the market. It is infinitely adjustable and intuitive to use. Using intelligent software, the motor learns the vibration you give it in a matter of seconds. He just keeps rocking the baby to your rhythm. The rhythm in which you rock and calm your baby is the best for your child. The spring cradle adopts this rhythm exactly. This strengthens your baby's confidence and gives him a complete feeling of security, even when he is lying in the crib. For this reason, the baby quickly calms down in the Lottili spring cradle and feels particularly safe. 

Because our motor learns the vibration itself, there is no need to adjust it using rotary knobs. With our buttons you only set the vibration duration and the mode. This means you always have one hand free for your baby to touch and soothe. 

Our self-learning hammock motor revolutionizes hammock technology. It is unique in its functionality and intelligence.

What material are the hammocks and accessories made of?

For our hammocks we use GOTS-certified fabric made from 100% organic cotton. 

The mattress is made of polyurethane foam and Öko Tex 100 Class 1 certified. The mattress cover is also made of GOTS-certified organic cotton.

The spring cradle stand and the wooden stick are made of certified European beech wood. This means the wood is 100% natural and free of harmful substances.

What are the safety standards at Lottili?

Our entire focus is on the maximum safety of the baby. We check every single installed element to ensure that it functions properly. The baby in the cradle depends on our care. That's why we ensure every time that all components meet the highest safety standards. No component leaves our production until we have tested it several times. Our standards are significantly higher than the legally required standard. Parents and babies have trusted Lottili's bassinets, springs, motors and frames since the first bassinet we ever sold. Before we pack your order, we carry out a final check ourselves to ensure that all products are OK in terms of functionality and safety.

Our spring cradle motor is CE certified and complies with German safety standards.

In addition, we test every motor for functionality and safety before we ship it. Our motor meets the highest safety standards and has an automatic stop function. Thanks to intelligent software, the motor stops the vibration at the slightest irregularity. Throughout product development, external safety consultants tested the engine for safety at every step. We ensure that our engines meet or even exceed all safety standards.

Our spring is made of extra strong spring wire and also meets the highest safety standards. Strong spring wire is more stable than several small spring wires, which is why we decided on this particularly safe wire after an initially long test phase. His backup is an additional safety rope. The safety rope comes from the world of extreme sports. The strong climbing harness strap also secures the lives of extreme athletes on the mountain, so it was the first choice for additional security for your baby. 

The fabric of our bassinets is of course incredibly beautiful, but that is not its only feature. We choose robust materials that can withstand stress and leave no doubt about their load-bearing capacity. Our hammocks are designed with a special safety feature. This prevents it from slipping to the side. Our fabrics are GOTS certified. This is the highest standard for ecological textile production. Our materials are therefore 100% free of harmful substances.

The other components such as the spring cradle stand and wooden stick are unique. Master craftsmen produce them individually by hand and ensure the best quality in the creation of the products. In our online shop you will only find the products that we are 100% convinced of. The spring cradle stand is not at risk of tipping over during normal use. It is the best, most stable and safest frame for your baby in the bassinet.

Where is the spring cradles motor produced?

At Lottili we work in a close network of experts in various fields and professional consultants. Production takes place regionally in Nuremberg. 

What versions does the Lottili spring cradle come in?

At the moment we have three different versions to choose from: 

Beige: The spring cot in beige is the minimalist version. The pure beige is a light and warm color and is suitable for anyone who prefers a plain colored bassinet. Interior designers and minimalists often choose the “beige” design. 

Leo: The “Leo” spring cradle features a subtle leopard print on the basic color beige. The pattern is slightly darker than the basic tone. The “Leo” spring cradle is a good choice for those who like something a little more eye-catching. 

Flower: The spring hammock in the “Flower” design is bright, cheerful and often the first choice of interior designers. The small flowers create deliberate accents on the warm basic tone “beige”. Flowers generously spread across the fabric look elegant and cheerful at the same time.

What are the dimensions of the wooden stand?

The wooden stand is 1.97 m high and has a standing area of ​​approx. 1 square meter.

What is a spring cradle suitable for?

A hammock is a type of tight hammock for babies. This hammock hangs on a tension spring, which gives the hammock its name. This tension spring enables three-dimensional movements. The rocking movement doesn't go back and forth (like a normal hammock), but only up and down. 

Babies love these up and down movements, it calms them. A spring cradle is a particularly good aid for babies to find peace and feel completely comfortable. 

The hammock hangs on a frame (or on the ceiling) and is suitable for a baby up to 12 kg. It offers babies a safe and very comfortable place to sleep. Rocking makes it easier to fall asleep. In most cases, babies sleep deeper and longer in a spring bassinet.

Can I wash the mattress?

You can easily wash the mattress cover. 

Can I also use your hammock motor for the hammocks of other manufacturers? 

Yes, in principle you can also use the hammock motor for the hammocks from other manufacturers. However, each manufacturer uses its own tension spring with its own strength in the design. Our motor easily learns the vibration with each spring. So it is fully compatible.

Important: We do not supply our own tension spring with the motor. You need a spring to insert the motor. 

If you are unsure, please send us an email. Safety first!

Is your cradle stand also compatible with cradle chairs from other manufacturers?

Yes. You can use our spring cradle stand with all spring cradle models. 

If you are unsure, please send us an email. Safety first!

Can I attach the hammock to the ceiling? What do I need for this?

Yes, you can also attach the hammock to the ceiling. Please be very careful here! Your baby's safety should be the top priority. It is very important to understand what material your blanket is made of and whether it can support a bassinet. The weight of your baby can easily obscure how much weight the suspension actually needs to support to be completely safe. If you choose your own suspension, it must be designed for several times the baby's weight. This means: Do not buy a ceiling mount that can only hold 20kg. Multiply the value by at least the safety factor 8 (for example 8 x max. 15 kg = 105kg). To properly attach it, you will need a dowel, a hook and possibly a metal chain if you want to hang the motor further down. 

Make sure that all parts are made of high-quality, stainless steel that does not shed splinters. 

If you are unsure, please send us an email. Safety first!

Is the wooden stand also suitable for twin bassinets?

No. Our spring cradle stand is only suitable for one spring cradle.

Can parts purchased individually from hardware stores or other brands pose safety risks?

In principle, you can of course find a suspension for your hammock yourself that does not pose any danger and keeps the baby safe in the hammock.

When it comes to your own suspension, it is important that you design the construction to accommodate multiple times the baby's weight. This means: Do not buy a ceiling mount that can only hold 20kg. Multiply the value by at least the safety factor 8 (for example 8 x max. 15 kg = 105kg).

Make sure that all parts are made of high-quality, stainless steel that does not shed splinters. 

If you buy parts from other manufacturers, pay attention to the quality of the product and the material. 

If you would like to know whether other manufacturers are compatible with our products, please write to us.

If you are unsure, please send us an email. Safety first!

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Everything about your baby

When can my baby sleep in the bassinet?

Your baby can sleep in the bassinet from the moment of birth weighing 3 kg.

When is my baby too big for a bassinet?

As soon as your baby can sit up or turn independently, your baby should no longer lie in the bassinet.

We have consciously decided to limit the maximum load to 12 kg.

If the load is over 12 kg, the rope is tensioned in the spring. Although this does not represent an impairment of security, it does limit the functionality. The frame, the spring cradle motor, the spring and the cradle can theoretically withstand significantly more than 12 kg. They carry many times this weight. To ensure full functionality, a weight between 3 kg and 12 kg is ideal. Your baby is then ready for the next step in his development. 

Based on extensive studies, the World Health Organization offers a table as a guideline for the weight of babies. From this you can tell at what age your baby reaches what weight. 

On average (percentile 50), babies weighing 12 kg are 21 months old.

How many hours at a time can my baby sleep in the bassinet?

The length of time a baby can sleep in the bassinet depends on various factors. Age, sleeping habits and comfort play an important role. There is no recommendation from the health authorities. 

There is a removable, cloud-soft mattress in our spring cradle. It is specially developed for the hammock and makes sleeping in the hammock very comfortable. From a health perspective, there is no limit to the amount of time your child can spend in a bassinet. 

Our recommendation: Use a real bed in addition to the spring cot. This will also help your baby learn to sleep on a firm, normal mattress. There are no official guidelines, but we recommend not leaving your baby in the bassinet for more than four hours at a time. Pay attention to your child's signals, because every child is different and sleeps differently. 

Is a spring cradle also suitable for newborns?

Yes, your newborn can also sleep in a bassinet. We recommend a weight of 3 kg for our Lottili hammocks. A spring cradle offers a wonderful place for your baby to sleep from day one. For your baby, rocking in the hammock feels almost like being safe in its mother's womb, so that it gets used to the new environment in the best possible way. The familiar feeling helps you fall asleep and provides security. 

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Everything for rent

How long can I rent the hammock?

Rent your hammock for as long as you need it! During the ordering process, we always start with a rental period of one month so that you can try it out flexibly. Our model is a monthly subscription. It will automatically renew every month if you do not cancel the rental.

Just try out whether the spring cradle is something for you, very uncomplicated and flexible. We support you with our products for as long as you want.

Which products can I rent?

We offer you our classic set consisting of a hammock, motor and wooden frame for rent. You can choose the color of the hammock according to your wishes.

What happens if I keep the Lottili products longer than agreed?

You can keep your Lottili hammock or other rented products for as long as you want. The rental period is automatically extended if you do not cancel the rental subscription at least one day before the end of the current rental period.

You will receive a reminder a few days in advance that your rent is about to be extended.

Do I have to pay a deposit if I rent goods from you?

There is no deposit required with us! We trust that you will treat our products as well as if they were your own. We want to make hammocks affordable for everyone, so it's important that you don't have to pay an expensive deposit. Together we make the world a more relaxing place for babies.

If I decide to buy, will part of the rent be credited to me?

Yes! If you decide to buy, we will charge you 3 months' rent. We are very pleased that you like our swing chair so much that you want to keep it!

Do you still have questions, doubts or need advice?

We are at your disposal at any time! 

Please contact us, many things can be clarified in conversation:

Write to us at

or call us: +49 30 75438644

Why should I rent the spring cot from Lottili?

Our vision is clear: If our children calm down quickly and find enough energy in their sleep, we support them in their development in the best possible way. If they can recharge their batteries enough, they are free to shape the world according to their ideas. Together we are building a future worth living. 

At Lottili we live responsibility. You get quality Made in Germany, GOTS certified materials, real craftsmanship and goods from transparent supply chains. We support fair working conditions. For us, sustainability is not just a word. Promised.