Sleep for your baby, time for you.

Our unique automatic spring cradle gently rocks your baby to sleep and gives him the security of being in mommy's tummy. Discover relaxing moments for the whole family.

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Our promises

Your baby is safe, secure and receives restful sleep.

And you gain valuable time for everyday life, household chores or yourself.

The safe, silent cradle that learns your rhythm.
Loved by parents, recommended by midwives.

Silent swing motor

  • Silent motor guarantees undisturbed baby sleep
  • Safety function switches off the engine within seconds in the event of the slightest irregularities
  • Motor developed and produced by professionals in Germany

Secure tension spring

  • Particularly safe with extra strong spring wire
  • Quiet, finely adjustable vibration developed by experts
  • Safety rope made from climbing harness tape for absolute safety

Learns your vibration and rhythm

  • Unique, self-learning oscillation, infinitely adjustable
  • Rocks between 30-120 minutes with timer or 24 hours in continuous mode
  • Intelligent software learns even the smallest vibration nuances without errors

Sustainable wooden frame

  • Untreated wooden stands made from certified European beech wood
  • At just 4 kg, it is particularly light and easy to transport
  • Produced in Germany by master craftsmen as truly unique pieces

GOTS and OEKOTEX certified cradle

  • Skin- and allergy-friendly GOTS and OEKOTEX certified fabrics made from the best organic quality
  • Safety feature holds the spring cradle securely in position and prevents it from slipping to the side
  • Timeless design and modern prints

Timeless design

  • Elegant, Scandinavian design with clear lines and a timeless look
  • Space-saving in a slim design
  • Harmonious interplay of classic elegance and modern patterns

Breathable mattress

  • GOTS and OEKOTEX certified fabrics made from the best organic quality
  • Breathable, ergonomic mattress for a healthy sleep
  • Highest quality and best working conditions guaranteed.

The safe, silent cradle that learns your rhythm.
Loved by parents, recommended by midwives.


Light as a feather
to sleep

Say goodbye to sleep problems, everyday stress and tired poor people.

The automatic spring cradle from Lottili relieves you of the constant weighing in your arms and allows you to lay your baby down.

Lottili gently rocks your baby into a deep and restful sleep. The motor learns exactly the vibration that you specify. Because as parents you know best what rhythm your baby likes.

What makes Lottili so special?

Silent cradle motor Silent cradle motor
Self-learning rhythm & motor Self-learning rhythm & motor
Developed & <br> produced in Germany Developed &
produced in Germany
high-quality, sustainable materials high-quality, sustainable materials
Developed with midwives & parents Developed with midwives & parents
Highest security standards Highest security standards

our bestsellers

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The essential swing set

The essential swing set

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Spring cradles motor

Spring cradles motor

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recommended by experts

Quietest, most natural, safest sleep for your newborn.

The time of sleep for newborns is of enormous importance for their development and health. The automatic spring cradle becomes a reliable partner that transforms this valuable time into a ritual of security. The gentle movements gently lull the baby to sleep, while the comfortable cradle net gives the impression of being cared for and warm. This unique feeling of lightness and security creates an ideal environment for undisturbed and restful sleep.

Our hammocks at a glance


Would you like to try the spring cradle? Do you still have doubts?
Then our rental model is just right for you!

Test our swing chair risk-free for 3 months

4 easy steps to rent a spring cradle

Federwieden-Set zusammenstellen

Decide on your hammock set

Lottili Mietmodel - Schritt 2 Wir senden dir dein individuelles Miet-Set so schnell wie möglich zu

Simply order online and we will deliver your order free of charge.

Lottili Mietmodel - Schritt 3 Du nutzt dein individuelles Lottili Federwiegen Set so lange du es benötigst

Use your hammock for as long as you need it.

Lottili Mietmodel - Schritt 4 Nach Benutzung Rücksendung zu Lottili

You can cancel your subscription at any time and return it free of charge.

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Frequently asked questions about our spring cradle

When can my baby start sleeping in the bassinet?

Your baby can sleep in the bassinet from the moment of birth weighing 3 kg. 

How loud is the swing motor?

The Lottili spring cradle motor is silent. The measurement showed a so-called volume of 30 dB, which is as quiet as a wristwatch or a
very quiet room. 

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Is a spring cradle also suitable for newborns?

Yes, your newborn can also sleep in a bassinet. We recommend a weight of 3 kg for our Lottili hammocks. A spring cradle offers a wonderful place for your baby to sleep from day one. For your baby, rocking in the hammock feels almost like being safe in its mother's womb, so that it gets used to the new environment in the best possible way. The familiar feeling helps you fall asleep and provides security. 

How long can I rent the hammock?

Rent your hammock for as long as you need it! During the ordering process, we always start with a rental period of one month so that you can try it out flexibly. Our model is a monthly subscription. It will automatically renew every month if you do not cancel the rental.

Just try out whether the spring cradle is something for you, very uncomplicated and flexible. We support you with our products for as long as you want.

Impressions from our community

Foto von @abz.homestories

"Finally more time for myself again. The baby simply sleeps faster and longer."


Foto von @niebomatki

"Sleep is very important for parents. With the Lottili spring cradle this is certainly given to us."


Foto von @liberta.haxhikadriu

"Our son immediately finds peace and security in it 🥹"


Foto von

"I wish we had had the bouncer with our first child. 💕"

Foto von @fannyhusten

"The cradle is an absolute game changer! It simply gives me back my life and saves me a few hours of physiotherapy. What's more, it's simply the most stylish on the market."


Foto von @kinga_katharina

"Pauli doesn't just love sleeping in his cradle. His little safe space."


Foto von @baaam_itsagang_triplets

"Our triplets can no longer imagine life without it. We love the Lottili"


Founder Theresa Schabert

Theresa Gründerin von Lottili

The well-being of the child is our greatest motivation.

My heart beats for the well-being of our little ones. As a mother and founder, I put all my passion and dedication into the development of this unique spring cradle. It is the result of my deep belief that every child gets restful sleep. This hammock is more than just a product for me. It is a loving hug, a safe haven and the key to a peaceful sleep for our little ones. The biggest motivation in my life is the well-being of our children. I am proud to be able to share our bassinet with you in the hope that it will give your little one as much joy and security as it does for my own child.

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Great moments with the new spring cradle

Do you know another design that has been as trendy as leopard print for decades? We are not. That's why our "Leo" spring cradle remains a timeless designer piece. Recognition guaranteed! Our hammocks are made from all-natural materials. The organic material is therefore 100% free of harmful substances. It is particularly comfortable and cuddly soft. A small family business

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